Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Little Things

As a mommy, one of the biggest privileges and responsibilities I have is to teach my kids about God and how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is such a huge thing, and sometimes I get caught up into the "seriousness" of it all. Well, leave it to a 3 1/2 year old and a 21 month old to make it "not-so-serious!"

As Benjamin has gotten older, he has gradually wanted to be more involved with our prayer times, which is great. Mark and I pray with him when we put him to bed, and then we also as a family ask the blessing before meals. Benjamin will interject his thoughts and his thanks into our prayers whenever he feels the urging, and you can tell his heart is behind whatever he mentions. Well, now that Hannah is becoming more verbal (I mean, REALLY verbal), she cannot be left out. And she not only cannot be left out, she cannot be talked over or muted out. So her interjections into our prayers are at several decibel levels higher than the rest of us. A few nights ago, as Mark began to pray, he had only gotten out, "Dear God, thank you..." when suddenly from her high chair, Hannah begins calling out the names of her friends and her children's day out teacher, and then (as Benjamin is including his two-cents worth at the same time), she continues, "Ketchup! Mustard! CHEETOS!!!"

One night, I guess Hannah couldn't think of any real words, but yet could not be excluded, so she just began jabbering this jibberish that only God could have understood. When we finished our prayer and I was finally able to catch my breath, I told Mark, "She gives a whole new meaning to praying in tongues!

Then last night, Benjamin really got me tickled. It was my turn to pray, and as I began the prayer, he and Hannah began adding their thoughts and thanks, and I realized Benjamin was just kind of searching for something else to add to his prayer. I guess his eyes finally fell on what he was looking for when he added, "And thank you for this clock...which doesn't work..." It was all I could do to swallow my laughs and finish the prayer!

I know God doesn't fall off his throne or roll around on those streets of gold laughing, but I have to believe He gets tickled at these precious creations of His nonetheless. Now there will be a day when teaching reverence during prayer time is important, but that day just is not here yet. You know, in addition to the seriousness of praying, I want my kids to know that God delights in the things they delight in and that nothing is too small to talk to God about.

Not even cheetos or broken clocks!


Hannah said...

That is so cute! I just love little kids, and I totally remember my younger brothers doing just that when they were little.

BTW, my name is Hannah and I found you through your comment on Lindsey's blog.

Kim said...

It looks like we have the same focus in life for this season of raising children! Teaching and training them to love God with all their hearts,souls,and is a big job,but it is so rewarding! I love your blog and hope to read more really soon! What precious children!


erin said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! I enjoyed reading yours!! Your children sound precious!! I love hearing my little guys' prayers - so sweet!!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

He did tell us to "come as little children", and Ive read that children laugh some huge # of times a day, while we dont so much. I still cherish the memories of praying with our kids. Dan, our son, used to pray a shark song when it was his night to ask the blessing at dinner. Enjoy every minute of their prayers now. They are to be treasured. Dont you know God must get such a kick out of them.