Monday, January 29, 2007

Things I've Learned

Today my parents are celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary. I've been thinking of their marriage and what it has taught me through the years (they'll be relieved to know I have learned something!). Here are some things I have thought of:

  • I have learned that longevity in marriage can indeed be a reality.
  • I have learned that faith is more important than money.
  • I have learned that you can raise three kids on the earnings of a farmer, though I'm really not sure how they did it. We certainly never went hungry nor lacked for any of the important things in life.
  • I have learned that marriage is not easy but is a covenant to be taken seriously. It can be trying at times, but that is no excuse to jump ship the first time things get rough. A good marriage is worth fighting for.
  • I have learned that praying with your kids before bed is an investment that will bring returns many times over when your grandchildren are being raised.
  • I have learned that you hold tight to your faith in God even when life deals you the most difficult blow you could ever imagine.
  • I have learned that faith in God is something you never abandon, even if you don't have answers to the hard questions of life.
  • I have learned that though it is an adjustment and a different way of living, life together as "empty-nesters" holds lots of fun and adventure.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I love you both.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! When I logged onto your site today to see if you had written a new entry to your blog, I was surprised to see that we were your topic! Thank you for your very nice tribute for our anniversary. We love you, Mom

Hannah said...

Aren't anniversaries so much fun! The best part is surprising the parents when you can. My parents will be reaching their 30th this year. (i think. i should probably check that with my older sister, Alicia.)
The learning is the other best part, of course. this reminds me. I need to thank my parents again for all they did for me while I was living with them.

gr8tful4grace said...

Karen, I found your blog through my friend Becky's blog (Blessed with Olive Plants). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on marriage. It's wonderful when you find such nuggets of truth! ~Yvonne

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

We're an empty nest now and it was an adjustment; but we've come to really enjoy it. The kids come home now and then, we go there, but it being just the two of us is often a blessing too. Youre blessed by having parents who stuck together for so long. What a great example.