Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Walking with Daddy

One of the great blessings that I get to experience both as a Mommy and as a wife happens every Sunday. Now that Benjamin is 3, he has "graduated" from the nursery to Sunday School and then gets to sit in "big" church with me. There is much anticipation in Benjamin's heart as the church service is drawing to a close. He knows that after Daddy "stands up on the steps and talks," then we sing one more song and church is over. But it's not church being over that he is so excited about; it's the fact that he gets to walk down the aisle with Daddy. As that last song draws to an end, Benjamin is practically bouncing up and down with excitement because he knows that Daddy will say a few more things (aka the benediction) and then begin his walk toward the back of the church. As Mark makes those first few steps down the aisle, Benjamin just can't wait any longer, and he has to go meet him before he even makes it to our pew (and we only sit 4 rows back!). With the biggest smile on his face you will ever see and with happiness just bubbling out of him in all directions, he grabs Daddy's hand and gets to make that walk to the back of the church with him. My heart just loves to see my two boys hand in hand, both so happy to be with the other.

Now, does Benjamin know why they are going to the back of the church or even what they will do when they get there? No. All he cares about is he is walking with Daddy, holding his hand, going wherever he leads. If only my walk with my Daddy in heaven was always so eager--never questioning, always trusting, hand in hand, willing to go wherever He's going. I must keep this in mind when the road ahead doesn't go in the direction I want it to, or when it looks like another way would be easier and have fewer difficulties. I need to put a smile on my face, take a few steps up to meet Him, and just hold tight to His hand, knowing that He knows the way and will be there right beside me through it all.

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Mom said...

Very nice thought... nicely put. We all need to learn the walk with our heavenly Father.