Monday, February 12, 2007

Take Care of You!

I attended a women's conference over the weekend where Lisa Whelchel was the speaker. I'm sure most of you know who Lisa is, but for those who don't, Lisa began her acting career as a mousketeer in the 70's and then played "Blair" on the hit TV series "The Facts of Life." As a young girl, I admired Lisa as someone famous that I liked to watch on TV. But now, as a wife and mother, I admire and respect Lisa for the ministry that God has given her in these areas.

One thing I took away from the conference and that I have tried to emphasize in my life recently is the importance of taking care of myself as a mommy and doing things to "refuel" me so that I can do a better job of taking care of my children and my husband. Lisa has written a book that is entitled "Taking Care of the Me in Mommy" that I thoroughly enjoyed reading because it gives wonderful advice in this area. Since reading this book, I have tried to do a better job of setting aside a little bit of time each day just for me in order to recharge myself. I don't always do a good job of it, but I try and am better for it when I do.

I also recently read an article in my "Today's Christian Woman" magazine about practical, inexpensive ways to pamper yourself. Here are some of my favorites:
  1. get a manicure at a local beauty school
  2. take a 20-minute nap under your softest blanket
  3. buy a fresh-cut flower arrangement to display in your home
  4. give yourself a foot massage and then paint your toenails hot pink--even though it is the middle of winter
  5. relish a pint of expensive ice cream from your grocer's freezer (I can't WAIT to try this one!!)
  6. start a journal of blessings--write down something every day you are thankful for
  7. spend some time in prayer with the One who loves you best

If you are in need of a "re-charge", give one of these a try, or use one of your own ideas. But don't forget to take care of YOU--your children and your husband will thank you for it. And if you don't have children or a husband, I'm quite certain that someone special in your life will be glad you did!!

**If you have a favorite way of your own for taking care of yourself, I'd love to hear it!


Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I read this book also, and she had such practical, doable ideas. We bless our families when we take good care of ourselves. An empty vessel can't pour out much.

Stacey said...

Yes! I love this post - and I have to read that book! This is kind of my ministry to women as well - to encourage them to take time for themselves which will enable them to be the very best wives & mothers they can be!!

Lately, since it is so cold, my favorite "me" thing has been to watch movies while my kids nap in the afternoons. I so enjoy getting to watch a flick that maybe my husband isn't interested in, and getting to enjoy it all alone in a quiet house is so re-charging.

Sometimes, while I watch, I will serve, by folding laundry. Sometimes, I will snuggle with a blanket. Sometimes, I will snack on something 'contraband'. Sometimes, I will crochet. Sometimes, I will soak my feet in my pedicure station and give myself a pedicure.

I don't do this every day, but I try to have that "me-time" a couple times a week - which totally recharges me for the rest of the time!!