Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Dad

My dad turned 60 last week, so to celebrate, we spent the weekend with my family and gave him a big birthday party with lots of friends and family. We had tons of fun, and Dad enjoyed it, so it was all just great! During the 3+ hour drive there and the 3+ hour drive home, I had plenty of time to think about Dad. Here's some of my favorite things about my dad:
  • his voice--When my sister and I were of dating age, Dad's voice would always put the fear of God in the boys that might want to call us. It is very deep, and though it may not have always been his intent to put that fear into those boys, I'm sure he thought it never hurt!
  • his mechanical skills--We had trouble with our car on our trip to see my family this weekend, so Dad rearranged his schedule to spend the better part of one morning working on our car. An hour or so of work, a trip into town for a new battery, and another hour or so of work, and our car was good as new! Oh, and I might add that part of that work was done in the rain. On his day off. Thanks, Dad!
  • his sense of humor--Part of the work Dad did on our car, he did with a 3 1/2 year old grandson right by his side asking him, "Granddad, why....? Well, Granddad, why....? Oh. Why? Granddad, why...?"
  • his heart--When some people, men especially, might have allowed some tough blows from life to cause them to be bitter and harsh, Dad chose to allow it to make him better. To make him more sensitive. To make his eyes well up with tears at the drop of a hat. To make him love his family even more than ever.

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad! I love you.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bits and Pieces

A few random thoughts on our life lately:
  • I am loving that Spring is here!! One evening last week, I packed a picnic supper, and we all four headed to the park. It's amazing how "gourmet" a ham and cheese sandwich becomes to the kids when eating it at a picnic table at the park. It was such a fun evening of being together and enjoying this sweet little family that God has blessed me with! Benjamin is already asking for us to do it again!

  • Speaking of Benjamin...a few nights ago, he ran by Mark and me as we sat visiting at the kitchen bar, and very casually (and with a big smile) said, "Mommy, I don't have any underwear on." My first thought was he had an "accident" and maybe was on his way to get a new pair. So I asked if that was the case. "No," he again very casually answered. My mind raced to figure out what was going on here, remembering all the errands we had run that day, and trying not to fall off my stool, I said, "So, did you put any underwear on when you got dressed this morning?" "No," came his reply. Acting like this was an everyday occurrence and no reason for me to blow a gasket at my son running around town all day with no underwear on, I said, "So, why did you not put any underwear on when you got dressed this morning?" His reply was, "Hmmm, well, because it's a special day!" I had no idea.

  • Another fun thing that we've recently done was attend the carnival last weekend that was in town for our fair city's annual celebration. Now you have to understand the magnitude of this. Ever since last year's event, Benjamin has been completely enamored with carnivals and Ferris wheels, and to have it back in town was nothing short of a miracle for this 3-year-old. After making daily, and sometimes twice daily, visits to the carnival site during its construction, we actually got to go to the carnival and see it in all its "glory". Aside from the fact that it was way too expensive and I'm way too cheap to spend much on tickets when my kids are 3 1/2 and not quite 2, it was fun just to see the kids take it all in, with all its bright lights and activity. Again, it made for a fun family night out. But then again, we can go to Wal Mart together and have a fun night out! (Seriously. I hope that's not too sick and demented. I think that's called life with toddlers and any event to get us out of the house is fun.)

Anything else that I would post about our recent happenings would revolve around the sicknesses that seem to be hanging around our house way too much, so I won't bore you with details. Let's just suffice it to say that the kids and I were home from church today for the third time in the last four weeks.

I will close on a positive note by sharing with you the scripture that has been on my mind this week, and frankly has gotten me through these days of dealing with what seems like our never-ending sicknesses:

Psalm 54.4: Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.

May God sustain you and bless you in the week ahead.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Silver Lining

Do you remember when you were sick as a kid, and there were always perks that went along with whatever ailed you? Like missing school, unlimited TV, free-flowing Sprite, 24-hour room service (or couch service), or, as was the case for us, your choice of music on the car radio on the way to the doctor. Those were the days, huh?

Well, after being in bed all weekend with bronchitis, I discovered there are still some perks that go along with being sick even when you are a mommy. Now, these perks have to be weighed against the fact that you will now be even further behind than you were when you got sick and your kids will get to watch way too much TV because their whining drives their daddy crazy, and....the list goes on. But, you have to find that silver lining in the cloud or it's just no fun.

So, what are the "grown up" perks of being sick, you ask? Well...
  • Guilt-free napping. Forget the fact that I was too tired to lift my head up off the pillow to have options of what I could be doing, but still, it was guilt-free!
  • Room service. Never mind that it involved a Wendy's hamburger and french fries. For whatever reason, I was absolutely famished, so it tasted like fancy cuisine. And I didn't have to fix it. Or get out of bed to get it. Or take care of my dishes afterwards. Enough said.
  • Guilt-free TV viewing. OK, so this was only after the first day or day and a half. Before that, I couldn't keep my eyes open to watch anything.

And one of the best perks of being sick as a mommy? Hearing your sweet husband say, "Things just don't go as well without you."

Enough said.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

"Mommy, Where's Heaven?"

This was the question posed to me by Benjamin on our way to church this morning. Completely out of the blue. I don't even think the Veggie Tales that play repeatedly any time my car is in "Drive" had mentioned heaven in their songs up to that point. Seeing as how our commute from home to church is all of, say, four minutes, I knew that was not long enough to do justice to the topic of heaven.

So I said to Benjamin, "Well, Sweetie, heaven is waaay up in the sky."

Benjamin: "So can we go there?"

Me: "Sure...."

Benjamin: "How?"

Me: "Wellllll..." (by this time, we are half way there, so I SURE can't answer this one in full in 2 minutes or less)

Benjamin: "Maybe in a space ship."

Me: "Okaaaay...."

Benjamin: "But we'd probably need to go buy space suits, too. Because our faces might get dusty if there's clouds."

Me: "Good idea, Sweetie."

Benjamin: "Mommy, be sure and tell Daddy what I said when we get to church."

Me: "Oh, don't worry--I'll be sure to!"

Hopefully the next time Benjamin brings up the subject of heaven, we can spend a little more time on the subject. Until then, I'll sit back and marvel at the thought processes and imagination of a precious three year old!