Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Dad

My dad turned 60 last week, so to celebrate, we spent the weekend with my family and gave him a big birthday party with lots of friends and family. We had tons of fun, and Dad enjoyed it, so it was all just great! During the 3+ hour drive there and the 3+ hour drive home, I had plenty of time to think about Dad. Here's some of my favorite things about my dad:
  • his voice--When my sister and I were of dating age, Dad's voice would always put the fear of God in the boys that might want to call us. It is very deep, and though it may not have always been his intent to put that fear into those boys, I'm sure he thought it never hurt!
  • his mechanical skills--We had trouble with our car on our trip to see my family this weekend, so Dad rearranged his schedule to spend the better part of one morning working on our car. An hour or so of work, a trip into town for a new battery, and another hour or so of work, and our car was good as new! Oh, and I might add that part of that work was done in the rain. On his day off. Thanks, Dad!
  • his sense of humor--Part of the work Dad did on our car, he did with a 3 1/2 year old grandson right by his side asking him, "Granddad, why....? Well, Granddad, why....? Oh. Why? Granddad, why...?"
  • his heart--When some people, men especially, might have allowed some tough blows from life to cause them to be bitter and harsh, Dad chose to allow it to make him better. To make him more sensitive. To make his eyes well up with tears at the drop of a hat. To make him love his family even more than ever.

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad! I love you.

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