Monday, April 30, 2007

Lots To Do

I've been playing catch up this morning after what seems like a whirlwind during the past few weeks. Part of that catch up was going to be posting on my blog--I haven't done that since this whirlwind began several days ago while preparing for Hannah's birthday party. So I've been mulling around in my head this morning what I wanted to post about and how I could squeeze all the events of the past few weeks into one post.

My thoughts started out centered around the whirlwind itself:

  • we celebrated my daughter's birthday last weekend, so you know the plans and preparations that went into the party and having family here;
  • then I spent the following days preparing to be gone from Thursday until Sunday night for a women's retreat that I was helping with. Those preparations included wrapping up some business; packing everything I would need while I was gone; cooking and freezing and making menus so my family could eat during that time; making schedules and leaving instructions for Mark and my in-laws, who would be caring for the kids while I was gone; and getting all the laundry done
  • then came the weekend itself--me, totally immersed in over 72 hours of the retreat, all the while not getting much sleep (and missing my family--I've never left my kids for that long!!); and my family, just going through those hours and days without Mommy
  • and now, after me being home for not even a day, Mark has left for a meeting of a board that he serves on and won't be home until tomorrow night; and
  • I have lots of laundry, unpacking, and other various things that need to be done to make up for being gone for a few days.

Oh yes, and yesterday was our 7th anniversary, which we managed to celebrate by exchanging cards and promising to make plans soon for a night away to really celebrate.

Whew. What a whirlwind. So that was where my thought were centered.

Then Mark called to let me know that he had come up with the devotional that he would be bringing at the beginning of his meeting today. His scripture? "Be still, and know that I am God." I usually just think about the "be still" part of this scripture, which is important, but it also has a second part that doesn't need to be overlooked: "know that I am God." So, I'm not only supposed to slow down, I'm supposed to trust in who God is.


So for today, as I try to end this whirlwind that seems to have been non-stop for a few weeks, I will apply this scripture in this way. I will resist my urge to be overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. I'll start some laundry, but if it doesn't all get done today, I'll remember that there is always tomorrow. I'll begin unpacking, but if everything doesn't find its way back to its appropriate drawer, closet, etc. today, the world won't come to an end because of it. I'll slowly reintroduce myself to the work that is waiting for me, but not try to accomplish it all in the next 24 hours. I'll do what I can to catch up on some much-needed rest and not feel guilty about it. In short, I'll trust in God and let Him make my to-do list for the day.

If I could actually see the list He has for me, I have a feeling it would start something like this:

"1. Love on Benjamin and Hannah. They've missed their mommy the past few days."
Their mommy has missed them, too.

So, I better get busy. I've got lots of loving to do today.


Julie said...

This post came at a great time for me...thanks for sharing the devotional. I am on a whirlwind trying to prepare for my son's 1st Communion and my to-do-list feels never ending! I am thankful for the reminder to slow down and trust in God to let the details fall into place. Happy Belated Anniversary!

Deidre said...

Great devotional. I'm sure God's list for me would look somewhat the same, so thanks so much for the reminder. I've been struggling with priorities this week. I just need to love on my children! Thanks, Karen!

Serving Him said...

Dear Karen,

I just found your blog through CWO. I have just ventured into the Blogging World and am excited about how God will teach me and grow me as I blog my thoughts and read the thoughts of others. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and please know that I was blessed by them this morning. (I read your 2 most current posts). I loved your analogy of "God's To Do List" for us and will think about what God has on my list as I too have a lot going on.

I have a little girl who is a little younger than your daughter and was also touched by your "Thoughts from a Mommy."

I clicked on your blog because of the title. Eph. 3:20-21 has been a favorite Scripture of mine for a while and one that our Pastor often recites at the end of our Morning service.

Enjoy your day loving on your children and know that a stranger from the East Coast was encouraged by you. Our God is awesome.

Rhonda said...

Whirlwinds certainly do tire us out, but they also make us appreciate those that are important to us. It's wonderful to be refreshed and filled up but I always find it's even more wonderful to come home.

Don't let yourself feel guilty about resting - Your family will appreciate a rested Mommy.