Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Oh, My!

This is my son, Benjamin's, room. Note the books on the shelf, toys against the wall, pillows and things on the window seat. The lighting is not great, but I'm sure you get the picture.

This is also Benjamin's room. Note: there are NO books on the bookshelves, NO toys against the wall, NOTHING on the window seat. Again, not great lighting, but did your eyebrows raise up into your hairline like mine did when I saw this room? And, no, I'm not going overboard in my participation in any of the Spring Cleaning Challenges that are floating around in blogland right now. This is what I found this morning after the kids had their playtime in their rooms, as they do every morning. When their time was up, Benjamin came to me and very excitedly said, "Mommy! Come look at my room! I cleaned it!" And just where did all his stuff go, you ask? That was my first question as well. Here's the answer: the closet.

Those of you who know me know that this is the sort of thing that has the potential to send me into orbit!! Yes, every book he owns, along with all extra pillows and stuffed animals, his piano, his guitar, his piano stool, his step stool, and many, many, many other various toys and things were all on the floor of his closet in ONE BIG MESS! Thankfully, all I did was laugh (and go get my camera--no way was I going to miss this one!) and shake my head at him. Oh, dear Lord, help me keep laughing because the alternative wouldn't be pretty! So after snapping these shots to share with all of you, we began unpiling his closet and putting everything back in its rightful place.

Goodness knows what I would have found to do with my time this morning had Benjamin not "cleaned" his room!

(I feel the need to defend myself a bit: Benjamin did NOT learn this method of cleaning from me! My Type A/OCD/whatever-you-want-to-call-it personality does not allow me to clean a room by stuffing everything in a closet. For this I am thankful. Otherwise my mental state would be much worse than it currently is. And that would not be pretty!)


Deidre said...

Oh My! I've been spring cleaning like crazy around here. I think this would have sent me into orbit as well. Way to go to respond with laughter!!!

Anonymous said...

This makes me wonder if cousin Bailey taught Benjamin to clean on our short trip there. This is how she cleans - opposite of Ashley, I might add! Love ya! Marci

Anonymous said...

After looking at the pictures, again I must comment that at least he didn't climb the bookshelves to get to the stuff higher! God was watching!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Okay first of all I am just envious of your before and after pictures....What a precious room...All I can compare is the 'after' closet..:)) My boy thinks it is the clothes hamper, garbage can, and the place for every army man and hotwheel he owns...ugghh...Now i'm motivated to start my cleaning..:))