Friday, April 20, 2007

Thoughts From a Mommy

My baby turns two tomorrow. Oh my word. I cannot believe it's been two years since we brought that little bundle of joy home from the hospital! I was so excited to have a little girl to be girlie with--and still am! Having Hannah just seemed to complete our little family--one boy, one girl, perfect. At least for now. We'll see if God agrees.

I've had a couple of moments with Hannah lately that have given me glimpses of what might be around the corner in the years to come. A few days ago, I was sitting in the middle of the living room floor, sorting through some boxes that had just come from the UPS man. Hannah "found" me and then promptly went back to her room to get her big, fluffy, pink pillow. She plopped it down beside me, plopped herself down on her tummy, rested her arms on the pillow, and then just looked up at me, as if she were primed for conversation. And she's getting to be enough of a talker that you can actually have a conversation of sorts with her. So there we sat, us girls, talking about what she had done at Children's Day Out that day, which of her friends were there, and any other exciting thing either of us could think of. It brings tears to my eyes just telling you about it (I know, I get awfully sappy when my children's birthdays roll around!) because it was just so sweet. It was as if God gave me a little preview of moments I have to look forward to as Hannah grows up into a little lady. It is one of my hearts strongest desires to keep that line of communication between me and my kids open as they grow up. I always want them to know they can share things with me about their lives, ask me questions, and tell me their secrets.

Hannah also is very curious about my makeup these days. As I'm getting ready in the mornings, she looks in my drawer full of makeup and says, "What's this, Mommy? What's this, Mommy? What's this, Mommy?" And I think, oh how much fun we will have together, playing makeup, painting our nails, and doing all those fun, girlie things! (But for now, I have a safety lock handy because I want to play makeup on my terms, not hers.)

Sometime tonight, if I get the house cleaned, the laundry done, the presents wrapped, and the decorations put up, I'll sit down at the computer and write Hannah her 2nd Birthday Letter. I started this with Benjamin and am continuing it with Hannah. I write letters to them on their birthdays and any other big occasion that comes up, telling them about their life as it is now, telling them how much I love them, telling them whatever it is I want them to know. Then someday, when they turn 18, or 21, or 47, or whenever, I'll give them all to them as a book of memories about their lives and about my privilege of being their Mommy. I'm pondering sharing the letter with you guys. I'll have to think about it--sharing it may be too personal, but it would also be a fun way for you to know more about my little princess and her second year of life.

But I will share this with you, since we are on the subject of my little princess. I took this a few weeks ago. Aren't they sweet when they are sleeping? My mommy's heart just melts every time I look at it. And I get teary. Because that's what I do when my kids' birthday's come around.


Rhonda said...

Karen - I get the same way at my childrens' birthdays. It's wonderful to reflect back. I got quite emotional on my oldest's first birthday as it marked the day that I gave birth to her only one year earlier.

Adorable picture. They certainly are little angels when they are sleeping.

We have something in common. Your priority for open lines of communication. As my oldest is turning 18 this year, I have been able to enjoy the fruit of that commitment. My daughter tells me everything, even to the surprise of her friends. It's so important that parents allow their children to tell them anything so they can work through it together. No one can have their best interest at heart like their parents do!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to Hannah! What a sweet, precious little girl...I love to watch my children sleeping too! My youngest will turn 3 at the end of July and I don't know where the time has gone. I love your idea of writing letters on special neat! Athough I've already missed many big days, I may have to give it a try...

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

These are the photos that should be framed, sitting around your home, the ones that melt your heart. She has beautiful coloring, truly. Peaches and cream. xoxo

Deidre said...

So sweet! I get the same way at my girls' birthdays. My baby turns 2 July 4th!

PinkJeweledCat said...

I had never even thought about writing letters to my boys about their lives. I've got four boys and can't even imagine having the time to write those letters. Especially given that two of my boys have special needs. Wow! That is a wonderful idea though. I feel your pain about the whole closet cleaning thing. For my 10 yr old, it's under his bed. Ugh I hate that. I found your blog from the CWO Blogroll. I had fun reading a few of your posts. I'll be back again sometime. Ta for now dahling!