Saturday, June 9, 2007

Celebrating with Cake and Crocs

I celebrated my 32nd birthday Thursday. Thus far, birthdays have not bothered me--this one was no different. I know my sister struggled with 25; many struggle with 30. My thought has always been "it's just a number." I know that mindset could change, but for now, I'm okay with whatever my "number" happens to be.

My birthday celebration began a little bit early. Mark wanted us to have a night away to celebrate, so we were telling this to the kids Wednesday evening over dinner. We explained that we would be going away for my birthday, and that Granny Sue would be coming to stay with them. Benjamin got the most disappointed look on his face, and said, "But I wanted to have some of your birthday cake." Being almost 4, he envisioned my birthday being every bit as involved as his--cake, decorations, the works. Well, being 32, there were no cake plans in the works, so I said to Mark in code that maybe we needed to go to the bakery real quickly and get a cake for us to all share so that Benjamin wouldn't be disappointed. (I absolutely LOVE birthday cake with lots of icing, so how convenient to use Benjamin as an excuse to have a cake!) So as I cleaned up the kitchen, off Mark and Benjamin went to "secretly" get Mommy a birthday cake. Not only did the boys come back with a cake that said "Happy Birthday, Mommy" (Benjamin was so proud that he had told them what to put on the cake and got to watch them write it!), but they came back with these:

I love, love, love flowers, so I was thrilled to have some fresh flowers to enjoy for the next several days!

My birthday celebration also involved a HUGE waffle bowl with an ice cream concoction from Cold Stone Creamery, eating out at my favorite restaurant, sleeping late in a hotel, and these:

I've heard people rave about their Crocs for months now, but I could never get over how not-attractive they were to want to try a pair. Then along came the flip-flops, so I was intrigued. With the exception of our bedrooms and dining room, the floor of our house is all tile, which necessitates me wearing some kind of footwear at all times or else my feet and back complain. I had thought that the Croc flip flops might be a great thing for wearing around the house, but had never gone and bought them for myself. Well, seeing as how I have such a sweet husband, he bought them for me! I had my choice of colors, and there were some that were more fun than black, but I knew black would go with more. I am now IN LOVE with these flip flops and will probably soon be going back to get another pair!

When Mark and I returned from our night away, these were waiting for me:

My sweet brother-in-law and sister-in-law sent these to me for my big day. I now have beautiful fresh flowers to enjoy in my bedroom and my entry way! I feel a bit spoiled!

It's fun to be queen for a day, but I guess it's now back to the real world with bills, a dirty house, and laundry. But I am thankful to have another year of life full of blessings to look forward to, and I can't wait to see the adventures that are ahead for my 32nd year! I have a feeling that some of the best adventures of the year will involve


What more could I ask for?!


Deidre said...

Happy Birthday, Karen!

I've wanted to buy crocs too, but couldn't get past the 'look'. Now, I see some that look like Mary Jane's, so I may check into those. I hear they are great for your back, which I need.

I love the pics of your children. You've got a little princess there. So cute! We're swimming in princess and fairy stuff around here. But, it's fun! :)

The Preacher's Wife said...

I have those flip flops in red and they are the greatest things I have ever put on my feet...I am so with you on the 'ugly' originals! :))