Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Weary Travellers

Whew! We have been out of town for the past eight days. We left a week ago Sunday and returned home last night.

Our trip began with Mark attending a church conference about 4 hours from home. I was able to get together with some friends in the area, and then the kids and I did a lot of "hanging out" at the hotel while Mark went to all of his meetings. Fortunately, Benjamin and Hannah thought simply staying in a hotel was an adventure in itself!! That is one thing you can count on with little ones--they don't require lots of bells and whistles to have a good time!

After the conference, we drove another hour to spend some time with my family. I have a nephew that is almost a year older than Benjamin, and they always have a good time when they are together. My dad has put new swings on the old swing set that I had growing up, so it's fun to watch my kids have fun in the same yard that I knew as a child.

A few days later, it was on to my in-laws for some time with them. One of my favorite things about visiting my in-laws is getting to use their whirlpool bathtub! Nice, relaxing, hot baths are a favorite, rare treat for me, especially with two toddlers. I wasn't able to enjoy the "relaxing" part of that treat since Benjamin and Hannah were both standing by the tub as I soaked, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless! Another treat on that leg of the trip was attending my in-law's church and getting to sit beside Mark during the service. That may not sound like a big deal to most of you, but it is for me. Since his "regular" place at church is in the pulpit, it's usually just Benjamin and me in our pew.

Then yesterday, we packed up and headed home, arriving yesterday evening.

In case you didn't pick up on it, this trip required packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking, packing, and finally unpacking for the final time here at home. And the clothes we needed for the first leg of our trip were different than those we needed for the rest of the trip, so I couldn't be so efficient as to pack 3 or 4 outfits for each of us and then just wash the rest of the trip. So there was, um, LOTS to pack and unpack! (It's hard work to be away from home with two little ones!! I knew that already, but boy was I reminded of that fact this week!)

Needless to say, I am behind on all of the events and happenings of many of you, my bloggy friends, and still have some good, quality sleep to catch up on. In a few days, I'll have the bills paid, the laundry caught up, things will be settled down and we'll be back into our routine. Then maybe I can resume life in the blogging world.

So, I'll see you all in a few days!


Serving Him said...

Dear Karen,

I totally understand how tiring packing and unpacking can be. It sounded like you all had a fabulous time. I love hanging out in hotels when my hubby is on business...no beds to make, meals to cook, I can just relax and read. Anyway, take your time catching back up and getting back into your schedule. I know when I get back from a trip I can get discouraged with all I have to do and impatient about getting it all done. I have gotten better about this though.

Sincerely, Serving Him

Deidre said...

Karen, I laughed at your story about your kids standing beside the tub while you soaked. I soak in mine after they've gone to bed, but my 5 year old hears the water running and times it just right to jump out of bed to sit and talk to me. So much for relaxing, huh?

I'm glad you had a good trip. And, yes, children love hotels. I don't think E. cares where we go as long as it has a really cool lobby. That's her first question when we tell her we're going somewhere. It takes so little....

Welcome back~