Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Benjamin

Today Benjamin turns four years old, so in honor of his big day, I thought I'd share with you ten of my favorite things about this little guy!
  1. He is the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of motherhood! What more do I need to say?? Being a mommy has been my dream for as far back as I can remember, so what a feeling to have a dream realized!

  2. Even at four, he still likes to sit in my lap and cuddle! I'm such a cuddler that this makes my heart very happy! Every morning when he gets up, I stop whatever I'm doing, sit down on the couch or in the recliner, and we cuddle and talk while he wakes up to his day.

  3. No matter how much he fights with her, he fiercely loves his little sister. When they are apart, he always asks about Hannah and what she is doing. And he recently began just going up to her, no prompting, no obvious reason, and giving her a big hug and kiss! If that doesn't make a mommy's heart smile, I don't know what does!

  4. He is focused and detail-oriented. Example: one of his favorite things to do is mow (if only we can keep that intact when he gets old enough to actually do it with Daddy's mower!), and he will very methodically mow the entire yard with his little toy mower exactly the way Daddy does it. There's no zooming around in circles and weaving around for this boy. No, he goes up and down, back and forth, just as he would if he were doing it for real. And he has to do the whole yard--there's no leaving a job half-done for him. This makes me laugh now, but I know this character trait will serve him well as he gets older.

  5. When he laughs, his whole body laughs! His face lights up, and everything about him smiles! (On the flip side of that coin, when he's upset, his whole body is upset!)

  6. He says the sweetest prayers. Only in the past couple of months has he wanted to pray himself whenever we are praying, and they are just sweet, simple prayers that I know makes God smile a smile that only comes from a Daddy.

  7. He is such a boy. He loves all things "boy"--any kind of ball game, being outside, running, tackling, (seeing as how he only has one sibling, guess who he tackles??) rolling around on the floor...the list goes on!

  8. He loves his Daddy! Talk about making my heart smile--the two of them, hand in hand--my two favorite boys!

  9. He often chooses me as what he is thankful for. At bedtime, when we say prayers with the kids, each of them gets to complete the sentence, "Thank you God for..." He will often say, "Mommy," which, you guessed it, makes my heart smile!

  10. He's my son. There's no one else in the world that he calls "Mommy." It brings tears to my eyes just typing it...

The birthday boy eating his special breakfast treat: a chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles!


Sandy said...

Ahh, very sweet Karen.
Thanks for sharing!
(Come on over and win a book!)

Mayhem And Miracles said...

This brought tears to my eyes as well - AND made my heart smile. :) You are a sweet, blessed family!

Scratchin' the Surface said...

Everyone needs at least one boy, they bring out a whole different side of motherhood. xoxoxo PS Likely he wont like mowing when the time comes for it be his weekly chore. Take pictures now.