Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting Ready

In about 24 hours, Mark and I will be heading out of town--no car seats, no Pack n Play, no diapers, no sippie cups. BY OURSELVES! Headed south, with no schedule, but an agenda that includes golf, good food (including PF Chang's), rest, shopping at our favorite outlet mall, more good food (including the Cheesecake Factory), probably more shopping, and more rest. Though it's probably not necessary to say, I'M EXCITED!

Now, I will admit, that yesterday my heart ached a little at the thought of leaving my little ones for 3 1/2 days. No matter how badly Mark and I need this time away, I still love my babies to pieces and miss them when they are not around.

Today--not so much of a heartache. All I've heard since we got up is arguing, whining, and fighting, ignoring my instructions, and a little more whining and arguing. Doesn't God just crack you up sometimes? His sense of humor is going to make it a bit easier to leave in the morning for 3 1/2 days!

My sister-in-law, Kim, and 5-year-old nephew are on their way here as we speak to keep Benjamin and Hannah while we are gone. My kids really are good kids (despite their behavior this morning), so I know they will all have a good time while we are gone. The kids love to play together, so hopefully the time for them will go quickly and they will hardly skip a beat while we are gone. I'm not sure Kim realizes what a blessing this is for us to have her keep our kids while we take a much needed trip out of town. I will return the favor anytime she asks.

I'm off to find a band aid for Benjamin, rescue Hannah from her room (where she is ordered to remain until I come tell her otherwise), and get us ready to go run those last minute errands that are always necessary before you head out of town--prescription at the pharmacy, cash at the bank, paper goods at Wal Mart (to relieve Kim of as much dish-duty as possible).

And chocolate.

Kim just might need some good chocolate while we're gone.