Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Avocados and Worship

Do you ever laugh at God? Not a mocking kind of laugh, of course. Just a laugh like you laugh with your best friend...a "look at that!" kind of laugh....or an "I can't believe you did that!" kind of laugh.

I have recently decided that avocados and I could be really good friends. They have the good kind of fats, you know. I just love them. Love them even more when they've been turned into guacamole. Just ask my friend that went to Cancun with me back in October how much I love guacamole. It was a staple food during those four days of paradise. My day just wasn't complete without a plate full of guacamole and chips.

But I digress.

One day I was cutting open an avocado and removing the pit, and I just suddenly stopped. And laughed. And marvelled. God is so creative! Think of all the variety of things He fruits. We have apples that are red, green, and yellow, all with small, tear-drop shaped seeds on the inside. We have strawberries that are bright red, whose seeds are itsy, bitsy and all over the outside of the fruit. Bananas, that are long, slender and yellow, with its fruit inside a peel. Kiwi, with a fuzzy peel and bright green insides. Have you looked at a blueberry lately? This little tiny blue berry that at the top looks like it has a tiny ruffle around the stem area--so cute!

Then there's the avocado.

And that HUGE pit!

Call me crazy, but it just makes me laugh!

God's creation may be lots of things, but boring it is not!

Genesis 2.9 says, "And the Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground--trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food."

God could have just made the trees "good for food." But no. He made them "pleasing to the eye." Did He have to do that? No, I don't think so. And He certainly didn't make the food for himself--He doesn't need food.

But we do. So you know what I think? I think He did it for us. He made his creation, with all its beauty and creativity and color, for US. Because He loves us. For us to enjoy.

Isn't that amazing??

And in the case of the avocado...funny!

I pointed this out to my kids, and said, "isn't God so funny and creative that He made an avocado to look like this?" Now every time I cut one open, they say, "Mommy, let me see that big seed!" I hope I'm teaching them to notice the little things in our every day lives. Little things that don't have to be there, but are because God likes to give us little gifts each and every day.

Whether they are learning or not, it's helping me to stop and slow down each day and notice all that God has made. Just for you and me. And thank Him. And tell Him how great He is.

I think that is what worship is all about.

And it all started with an avocado. How funny is that?!