Saturday, June 27, 2009


Wow, a lot has changed since my last post! I'm a year older, have moved 300 miles, and have packed and unpacked more cardboard boxes than I care to see again in the next ten years (or more)!!!

Some observations from the past few months:
  • When you are packing to move, you realize just how much "stuff" you really have. In our case, it's TOO MUCH! We plan to be very aware of what we use and what we don't use over the next year or so, and then discard accordingly.
  • When you are packing to move, the trips down memory lane make all the work worth it. There were times during the packing process when I'd come across photo albums or just stacks of snapshots, and I'd sit down right where I was, without any worry of time, and soak in the memories of times gone by. When we made our last move, Benjamin was ten months old and not even walking. Now he's almost six years old, and we've added a little princess to our family who is now four!! There are tears in my eyes just thinking about how quickly time goes by and how fast those sweet babies grow up!
  • Whether you are packing to move or just living life as it comes, God shows up in some amazing ways. I was and still am deeply humbled at the ways God has provided for us during this transition time in so many ways: physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. I could write for hours on all the ways He has worked in the past few months. It has also been a good reminder to me of how much I need to be aware of His presence with me always, not just in times of high stress.

We still have plenty of boxes to unpack, but we are gradually making a home here in our new house. Even though the stress of the transition time is not over, we are still so happy here and very much at peace in the knowledge that this is exactly where God wants us to be at this time. He has some great things in store for our family as we begin what I feel is a new chapter in our lives. I look forward to sharing with you our new adventures!