Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some Funnies

Today we went on an adventure to explore a lake area that is just south of where we live.  We had a great time and discovered a wonderful get-away less than 30 minutes from our home.  We'll definitely be making regular trips out there to relax for the day.

In the midst of this discovery, we came across a few funnies.  See anything wrong with this sign?

And what about this?  This is my idea of "roughing it!"

This may be a very typical sight at campsites in this day and age, but we still thought is was funny to see a mounted satellite dish in the midst of what we consider "the wilderness."

And finally, more words of wisdom from our four-year-old...

We do lots of reading with our school curriculum, and many of the books really stretch the vocabulary of both of the kids, but especially Hannah.  As a result, if you were a fly on the wall, you would hear "what's that mean?" many times throughout each day.  Well, as we were exploring at the lake, Benjamin spotted a plastic cup that had been thrown into the lake and asked me why someone would do that.  I answered that I guess they were just not being responsible.  Hannah piped up and said, "I know what responsible means!  It's the spanish word for "not very nice!"

Oh my goodness!  We seldomly have a shortage of laughs around here!

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Bev said...

Well, I tend to think leasing pets is a great idea! You don't have to renew..... we camped with a camper, not quite as elaborate as the one in the photo, but drew the line on satellite TV. We did however take a TV that would play VCR tapes and we'd go to the library, check out all the old westerns and Alfred Hitchcocks - theres nothing as cozy as being inside a camper in the pitch dark woods, listening to Alfred Hitchcock's voice.

Loved the word translation BTW.