Monday, December 21, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

I've been wanting to make gingerbread houses with my kids, but I never like those kits that you can buy in a store.  You can only eat the gingerbread if you're willing to risk a broken tooth, and eating it, to me, is the best part about making one in the first place!  Then I heard some friends talking about making them out of graham crackers and decided the kids and I would give it a try.  My nephew is with us for a few days, so I thought this would be a fun activity for us to do while he's with us. 

I googled making gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and found a very easy recipe for icing--simply mix 3 egg whites and 5 cups of powdered sugar until it is peanut butter consistency.  It worked well.  The builder of the houses was a rookie builder, so the sturdiness of the houses would not pass inspection.  But I don't figure that matters because I'm not sure they'll last much past supper anyway!

Our various candies--gummy life savers, M&M's, butter mints, licorice bites, candy cane kisses, and what I thought were gum drops.  Turns out they were "spice drops."  Ick.  Definitely ensured I would not be munching on them in obscene amounts.

The houses before...

...and in the making.  What, you mean you didn't know Spider Man made gingerbread houses??

Serious concentration

And the finished products--Benjamin

Nephew Ethan


This one belongs to the only person at the table who had enough patience to construct that M&M roof.  Evidently, I was a bit too intense while building my gingerbread house because I kept getting holes in my icing bag (aka a Ziploc bag with a corner snipped off).  The bag would just split and icing would start oozing out in another hole.  By the end, I was smearing the icing on with my fingers and was by far the messiest one at the table!  But doesn't the rule say something like the messier you get, the more fun you had?  Well, a great time was definitely had by all!

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