Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank You

As a pastor's family, we are blessed beyond measure during the Christmas season with gifts from our congregation--everything from a snowman cookie jar filled with homemade snack mix, to a dozen grapefruit, to candy and cookies specifically designated for Benjamin and Hannah.  I've been trying to stay caught up with thank you notes as the gifts come in, so as to not find myself with oodles of thank you's to write come December 26th.

As I was just sitting at the kitchen bar, writing our appreciation to so many people, an abundance of things flashed through my mind for which I am thankful--and for which deserve a thank you note of their own.

Dear God,

In this Christmas season, there are so many things that you have given me for which I am so grateful.  Some of them I often take for granted; others, I thank you for on an almost daily basis.  But tonight, I thank you for:
  • the gift of your Son.  As a mommy, this gift, this sacrifice of yours, is completely beyond my comprehension.  I am humbled by your love for me.
  • the gift of my husband.  The work you began in his life as a young boy, and the work you continue doing through him as a pastor, husband, daddy, and more is amazing.  Thank you for choosing me as the privileged one to be his wife.
  • the gift of my son.  My life-long dream to be a mommy was fulfilled the day he entered this world.  The relationship that you have given us is a special one that can never be matched.
  • the gift of my daughter.  Oh, to get to be a mommy to a little princess is the best.  Each day is a new adventure, and she sings and dances her way through my days and brings beautiful rays of sunshine along with her.
  • the gift of life.  As I watch a friend struggle through an organ transplant and the daily battles that go along with it, I realize just what a gift my good health is--one I don't deserve, but one for which I am so grateful.
  • the gift of beauty.  You didn't have to make this world be an array of colors, scents, sights, sounds, tastes and more--but you did it because you love beauty, you love creativity, and you love your children.
This thank you is never-ending.  The life you have given me is one that is full of grace, mercy, love and so much more.  I haven't earned this life, but I humbly thank you that you've given it to me.  Forgive me for the days that I take it all for granted.  Help me to share the gifts you've given me with those you put in my path each day.

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