Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goals for 2010

I love fresh starts and new beginnings.  It's always good to be able to stop where you are, evaluate things, see what needs to change, and then forge ahead with a new plan.  That's what I like to do at the beginning of each year. 

I sat down last night and came up with a list of goals for 2010.  I don't call them "New Year's Resolutions" because to most people that translates into "eventual failure come February, March at the latest."  I choose instead to plan on success.

I've learned a lot about setting goals over the past few years.  Talk to any personal development guru, and they are likely to say that, among other things, goals must be measurable, have a beginning and an end, and be specific.  Most importantly, in order to increase your chances of success many times over, you must write your goals down and look at them frequently.

Accountability is also important in achieving goals, so I've decided to share with you the goals I wrote in my journal last night for 2010, beginning January 1.  Some of these will last throughout the year; others will be met (again, choose success!) and be replaced by more goals.  Here they are:
  1. to lose 15 pounds by March 31, 2010, using First Place 4 Health.  (Being 6' 1" lets me hide extra pounds easier than some, but I know those extra pounds are there.  Achieving this goal will result in me getting to buy a new Easter dress!)
  2. to walk 18-20 miles per week in 2010 either outside or using my Leslie Sansone DVD's.  (if you don't know who she is and need an exercise DVD, you should check her out!)
  3. to read through the Bible by December 31, 2010 using the reading plan my husband developed
  4. to set aside 30 minutes each day in 2010 for personal development reading on the topics of homemaking, finances, marriage, homeschool or health (it's amazing how many times someone will ask me, "how did you know that?" and I realize it's because I read a lot)
  5. to seek out a way each and every day of 2010 to add laughter to my day through a book, TV show or listening to a CD (anyone have ideas for good, clean laughter?)
  6. to finish my afghan by February 29, 2010 by crocheting at least one row per day
There they are.  It's a good start anyway.  And if, along the way, I need to reassess and revise, I can feel free to do so.  I'll do a "goal check" periodically to keep that accountability going and to let you know how I'm doing.  What about you?  What kind of goals do you have for the new year?


Hi, I'm Angie! said... row a day. Why didn't I think of that? I've got three blankets I'm working on - one for each of my children left at home - and I try to work on them equally, but the task is slow-going. That's a creative way to get it done! Thanks for sharing.

Bev said...

You and I are sharing a few - Bible reading, laughter, growth. Good clean fun - I sat and watched a rerun of Gunsmoke, of all things, a few weeks ago and laughed all the way through it - I had no idea it was funny back then. There are alot of reruns of the good, clean TV shows we grew up with out there available on cable.

And I've got a knit afghan that's been lying around awhile too - a row a day is a great goal!

Leah in Iowa said...

I need to laugh more, too. As a fellow HS mom, don't you think we have more opportunities to laugh with our kids than other moms? I know I don't do it enough though.

I'm still working on my other goals, but some of mine sound very similar to yours. I'm in a blogging slump, but hope to post about this sometime this month.

Happy New Year!