Friday, January 15, 2010


Have you ever done anything you later wish you could go back and undo, but of course, can't?  If you are human, I figure your answer to this is yes.  Such was the case for me last night.

I shared with you that we were taking our princess-loving daughter to see "The Princess and the Frog" last night (of course, her brother went along for the ride as well!).  For the record, I am VERY particular in what my kids watch and we rarely go to the movies.  If there is a movie we are interested in, I use Focus on the Family's "Plugged In" website to read their movie reviews before making a final decision on whether we will see the movie or not.  "Or not" is usually the case.

We had already decided to go see "The Princess and the Frog" before I even looked at a review (I mistake, I know), so I briefly scanned what the "Plugged In" reviewer had to say about the movie yesterday afternoon.  A mention of voodoo was in the review, but in my eyes, it was downplayed and didn't seem to be a big element of the movie.  I came away from the review feeling like it was recommended by the reviewer, and in the past I've been able to agree with and trust their reviews.

Until now.

I could not believe, in a G-rated movie targeted to princess-loving little girls, how dark, sinister, and evil this movie ended up being.  Yes, it had all the feel-good elements of a fairy tale princess story, but the voodoo portion of the plot and the darkness included in the movie greatly overshadowed anything that was feel-good about it.  I was so sorry that we went to see it and would NEVER have taken my children (at ANY age) to see it had I known how prevalent the "other world" side of the movie was.

As a result, Hannah ended up sleeping in bed with us after she kept waking up crying from dreams she kept having due to movie.  We never allow our kids to sleep with us, but in this instance, when I felt responsible for why she was having the bad dreams, I felt it was the right thing to do.

I'm so disappointed--in myself, in Disney (even though I don't always hold them in the highest regard anyway regarding what is moral and right), and especially in the "Plugged In" website.  For them to be a "Focus on the Family" entity, I continue to be appalled that their review didn't come with a "highly not recommended" stamp on it.  Again, I came away from their review feeling like they thought the movie was one worth seeing.  I plan to write them later today and let them know my thoughts on this issue.

This morning, Mark showed me this website called "Christian Spotlight on Entertainment."  Oh how I wish I would have known about this site yesterday.  Their review was quite different than the one on "Plugged In", and the "Christian Spotlight" review actually says that they do not recommend this movie because of its content.

Guess which website I'll be using in the future?


Leah in Iowa said...

Oh, isn't that disappointing (and maddening)? To see how instantly it affected your daughter makes my heart ache!! I'm so sorry. Hopefully there's a child-sized lesson even she can learn from this. Hope your weekend goes better! And thanks for the new website.

Bev said...

Too bad that it ended up not being a good experience, but hopefully something you can avoid in the future. The internet itself has some pretty grimy stuff out there but there are also some wonderful resources offered. Glad you found one that will prevent this in the future.