Thursday, February 4, 2010

What I'm Reading

I love, love, love books.  Reading has always been a favorite past-time of mine.  To think I went through a few years as a new mom with the belief that I did not have time to read is so sad to me now.  I know I would have been a better mommy had I taken a few minutes each day to read something I loved.

When a book strikes my fancy, I usually wait until I find it on a sale table somewhere before actually purchasing it.  Such was the case a few years ago.  A parenting book caught my eye that had been advertised in one of my Christian magazines, and not long afterwards, I actually found it on a bargain table for only a few dollars.  I bought it and brought it home--to my bookshelf.  Where it has been ever since.

I've tried a couple of times to read it, but have never made it through to the end.  I have no idea why.  I've just never finished it.

Over the past week or two, in various articles and stories I have read, this particular book has been quoted.  When something like that crosses my radar so many times in a short amount of time, I've learned I need to pay attention.  So I got it off the shelf yesterday and put it by "my spot" where I do all my quiet times and reading.

After lunch today, I got the kids settled into their rooms for "rest time" (that's what "nap time" morphed into when Hannah gave up her naps at a way too early age, which thus forced Benjamin to stop napping for fear of missing something important.  Mommy, however, still needs a little quiet time in the afternoons, so they still have to go to their rooms for one hour and play while I have some time to myself.) and snuggled up in "my spot" with this book and my notebook (I retain and learn so much more when I take notes on what I'm reading).

The book is "Grace-Based Parenting" by Dr. Tim Kimmel.  Something I read on page two blew me away.  If I'm being blown away on page two, I figure this is the time for me to buckle down and finish this book.  I wish I had a speaker system connected to all my mom friends, especially those who struggle with being a mom, so I could share this with them:
"Raising children is the greatest thing you'll ever do.  It's greater than any milestone you can hit in your career.  It dwarfs any fame you may receive for your ideas or your inventions.  You've been handed a piece of history in advance--a gracious gift you send to a time you will not see--and you play the biggest role in how that history will ultimately be recorded."
And that was only on page TWO!

Rest time is over, chores are calling...but I can't wait until tomorrow to see what other gems of wisdom I'm able to glean from this book.  I'll let you know when I find them! 

(But before I start my chores, I'll be typing this quote to print out with some pretty little border around it to hang on my bathroom mirror...)

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Bev said...

Great stuff in that book, obviously! I heard someone say, 'who you are ten years from now will be affected by two things, the people you spend time with and the books you read' - keeps me reading because I want to constantly be busy becoming a better version of me. BTW we called nap time 'quiet time' and even put a little thing on our door every single day so the neighbor kids knew not to knock. The rule was they had to stay in their bed, not under the covers but on their bed and do something that did not make noise, for one hour an afternoon. Kept me sane!