Monday, March 1, 2010

Ta Da!!

So, if you came to my house on a weekday at 5:30 am (Please don't; this is strictly hypothetical.), this is where you would find me.  It's "My Spot".  You can't see it here, but close by is my basket filled with my Bible, current Bible study, Kleenex, pens, highlighters, journals, prayer books, and much more.  It's the only time of my day that I consider fully "mine."  No one else is awake, it's quiet, and it's just me and God.  I love it.

"So what?" you may be asking.  Well, "My Spot" has a new newly-finished afghan!!!!  Right on time, I finished putting the fringe on it yesterday while watching the now-infamous gold medal hockey game.

The afghan is sooooo far from perfect.  I'd be embarassed for some sweet, seasoned, crocheting-expert grandma to look at it because of its imperfections and flaws.  But I still love it!  It snuggles so well when the house is still cool in the mornings and when I "need" my Sunday afternoon naps.  And, as I have already mentioned, it covers my long, tall self from head to toe and then some!

Imperfections and all, I'm so proud I got it finished!!

And now, totally unrelated, look at what I found on our whiteboard this afternoon:

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Salem said...

Great job on all your goals!! You've ALMOST inspired me to set some (goals) too.

And, I LOVE the white board photo!! I consider one of the biggest blessings of homeschooling to be the relationships that are formed/nurtured within the family! Praise God!