Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ten Years

I let my mind wander to this moment ten years ago, and I find myself preparing for the biggest day of my life--my wedding!  The day when my dreams came true, and I had my own little Cinderella moment--dressed in the dress I had always dreamed of, walking down the aisle toward my Prince Charming.  Never does a girl feel more beautiful, more special, than on her wedding day.

Then the buzz of the dryer from yet another load of icky laundry brings me back to the reality of THIS day.  While it may be my tenth anniversary of being married to my best friend and love of my life, the reality that I find myself in this day is far from "happily ever after."  I may feel like Cinderella today, but it's the Cinderella BEFORE the ball. 

Today, I'm cleaning up after two kids with the stomach bug.  It is a unique, special time, but only because never in our years of parenting have we ever had them BOTH throwing up at the same time.  I'm operating on very little sleep that took place on the floor of Benjamin's room, I'm still in my pajamas even though it's almost lunch time, and a toothbrush has not found its way to my mouth yet today.  Not exactly attractive or "tenth-anniversary worthy."

As I lay in the floor last night trying to find a bit of sleep, the thought crossed my mind that this is the epitome of what marriage is really all about.  Every day is not magical; in fact, some days are just down right nasty and dirty.  Everything doesn't always go as planned (i.e., the babysitter for our anniversary date was cancelled hours ago), and there are times you wonder when the "for better" times will ever show themselves again.

But when you are married to the one God chose especially for you, and when you allow God to be the director of your fairy tale, it's all worth it.  You enjoy the "in health" moments more as a result of the "in sickness" times, and the "for better" highs more than make up for the "for worse" lows.

So on this day, I'm simply seeking survival, knowing Mark loves me bad breath, crazy hair, and all.  The kids are already showing signs of improvement, and soon this will just be a blur in our memories.

(And it doesn't hurt knowing that come June 2nd, we'll be running off to New York City for our REAL anniversary celebration!!  I can't wait!!)

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Glenda said...

You described a Christian marriage perfectly! Love the line about letting God be the "director of our fairy tale." Wish more young couples understood this truth. Thanks for a beautiful post!