Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Travel

I recently read an article in "The Old Schoolhouse" magazine I subscribe to that talked about "Travel Kits" for kids.  The definition of a Travel Kit from the article is "a collection of items that will entertain and/or delight the passengers (especially the younger passengers), thus making the trip more pleasant for everyone."  This idea really resonated with me because at the time, we were planning a family vacation to the Metroplex area, which would be about a seven-hour car trip.  The longest our kids have ever been in the car was for five hours when we made our move last summer.  Needless to say, I was a little nervous about surviving the car ride!

So I decided to try out the idea for myself and make travel kits for Benjamin and Hannah to have on our trip.  After a trip to the dollar bins at Target and The Dollar Store, here is what I came up with (sorry for the sideways pictures--I have no idea why Blogger is doing that, and I don't know how to fix it!!):

The gifts included two movies each that I had picked up along the way when on sale for $5 each, candy and suckers (more sugar than they would normally have in a month!), snacks, story books, activity books, silly putty, notebook paper and pen, stencils, music CD, cars and legos for Benjamin, jewelry and Princess stickers for Hannah, and a disposable camera for each of them.  I spent a couple of evenings after the kids were in bed wrapping each gift in tissue paper and curling ribbon and putting them in plastic tote buckets to be presented to them the morning of the trip.  The finished products looked like this:
The Travel Kits worked wonderfully!!  The buckets sat in the seat between the two kids, and they were allowed to open one gift about every 30 minutes.  Who doesn't love opening gifts??  Benjamin and Hannah loved their gifts so much and were excited each time they opened something new.  It was a fun, successful, torture-less trip with very few complaints of "how much longer until we get there?".  Being able to alternate between movies, music, games, and gifts helped them not get bored and restless.  I was so pleased and plan to use this idea for future long car rides.

Now for a few pictures from our trip (for some random reason, these pictures are all right side up....go figure!):

We took in two Texas Rangers games while in the Metroplex--soooo much fun!!

We also took a tour of the new Cowboys Stadium--AMAZING!!

In front of Tony Romo's locker...

In our Rangers gear...

We had an absolute blast on our trip and made lots of fun memories.  We still have to send off the disposable cameras to get the kids' pictures developed.  I'm really anxious to see them...I think we'll have some interesting shots, to say the least!

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Kat's said...

I love this ideal.If it ok I will use this the next time we go some where. Thanks