Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Upcoming Webinar

If you are a homeschool mom (or any other mom, for that matter!) feel free to join us Thursday for another webinar sponsored by HomeschoolBlogger.com.  You can go here to get all the information and to register.  I will be doing the preshow presentation--Who's Going to Take Care of Mom?--for the webinar entitled "Think Biblically, Live Godly, and Serve Practically."

It's free, so please join us!!


Tiany said...

Thank you for the wonderful webinar Karen!! It was great, loved the downloads too. Will print it and add it to my planner. :-) Thank you!


Bev said...

I got to spend some time here catching up on your recent posts. I was so blessed by your words, as I am sure many others will be.