Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome, Webinar Friends!

I want to say a big "welcome" to those of you who may be visiting my blog for the first time as a result of today's HomeschoolBlogger webinar.  I'm so glad you are here, and I hope you will be blessed by your time here.

Since I talked about my battle with depression today, and since I had many comments and questions about depression, medication, etc., I wanted to direct you to this post that I wrote almost three years ago.  It goes more in-depth in regards to my battle with depression, and I hope it may answer some of the questions some of you had.

I will review the chat log from the webinar and do a few Q&A posts to address some of the other questions that were brought up during our time together.  Feel free to leave comments or questions here as well, and I'll do my best to address them!

Blessings to all of you!


Leah in Iowa said...

I've missed your webinars, but I'm gonna hop over to the website and see if they're available for download.

Bless you for sharing about your struggle with depression. I wasn't reading your blog back then, but I would have thanked you for sure. I think this is something that alot of HSing moms deal with, whether they share about it or not. Praying God uses this avenue for you to share with and help more gals!

Salem said...

Karen, I still haven't had a chance to listen to your webinars as my home computer is still down. But I gather from this post that it was about your journey! You don't know how proud that makes me of you! God only knows how much you will minister to others through your transparency and obedience! Love you friend!!