Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

During this most wonderful time of the year, our family reflects on 2010 by wishing you a very Merry...

C -- Children: Benjamin is now seven years old, and Hannah is five and a half. They are the lights of our lives, and we enjoy life with them so much. Benjamin loves anything that involves a ball (he’s quite the left-handed athlete!), especially when Dad is playing with him, and Hannah still loves her dance class so much. They both also go to gymnastics every week, which is a great outlet for their enormous amounts of energy!

H -- Homeschool: We love our homeschooling life and enjoy the flexibility that it affords us. We started our year in mid-summer so that we could take more breaks throughout the school year, and that has worked out well. Benjamin is in second grade this year, and Hannah’s school work includes some kindergarten work and some first grade work. I am so blessed to be able to spend my days teaching them (I’m learning quite a lot myself!). I could not be happier.

R -- Rangers: We took a family vacation to Arlington in May and were able to take in a couple of Texas Rangers baseball games. We had a blast while we were there and included a tour of the new Cowboy Stadium—quite a sight! We enjoyed cheering the Rangers on throughout the season—all the way to the World Series!!!

I -- Insanity: Just kidding! That was Mark’s choice of words for “I”! We love our life in Perryton and continue to be blest by serving the FUMC here. We do try hard to not live an insanely busy life, but like everyone else, we do have our moments of craziness!

S -- Sadness: Though we have had a very blessed year, it was touched with sadness when Mark’s dad passed away in March. After a long battle with PSP (progressive supranuclear palsy), it was a bittersweet time to release Ken to heaven. We rejoice in his healed body, but we still miss his presence here with us.

T -- Tenth Anniversary: Mark and I celebrated our tenth anniversary with a trip to New York City. We took in almost all of the touristy attractions and really loved our time there. For me, the best part was seeing “Mary Poppins” on Broadway (LOVED IT!!!); the worst part was Mark suggesting we try out the NYC subway during rush hour!

M -- Mark: Mark is enjoying his ministry here in Perryton as he is in the midst of his twentieth year as a pastor. When he’s not playing with the kids or hanging out with me, Mark continues to enjoy golf as his hobby and best source of therapy.

A -- And, last but not least (this is really testing my acrostic skills!!):

S -- Stay-At-Home Mom (SAHM): I have friends who struggle with staying at home, but I absolutely love it! Homeschooling the kids, running our home, and having time to lead Bible studies and be involved at church are just a few of the perks I enjoy in this role. God has blessed me with a small circle of moms here in Perryton who also fulfill the SAHM role, and we enjoy getting together regularly and encouraging each other in our roles as wives, mom, and homeschool moms.

We know this Christmas finds you all in various seasons of life. Wherever you are, we pray God’s peace, comfort and joy for you and your family as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

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Salem said...

Lovin' all your new posts! Keep them coming! Love the pumpkin roll trifle - and the couponing post....if I could just get you to do the couponing for me...then I would be set! Love ya~ Merry Christmas!