Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finding the Good

For someone whose natural inclinations are to be in control, care for her family, and care for her home, the last week has been completely out of my comfort zone.
After being sick for a few hours last Thursday evening, the sickness came back along with a great amount of abdominal pain late Friday evening. I spent several hours in the emergency room having blood work and tests done, which resulted in being told I need to have my appendix removed. I had the surgery Saturday morning and was back at home by noon on Sunday.

Before being discharged Sunday morning, the surgeon came in one last time with instructions and final thoughts on my surgery. His words “you should be back to 100% in 10 days to two weeks” were not what I expected to hear. Now, the only surgery I’ve ever had in my life was a tonsillectomy when I was three years old. I don’t remember much about that recovery except for ice cream and popscicles! I have heard enough stories from others to know, though, that I will need to follow the surgeon’s instructions or else I will be sorry.

As I’ve spent much of my days recovering in the recliner, I have had plenty of time to reflect on the events of the past week and to realize that even in the midst of unexpected adversity, I am truly extremely blessed:

• I have an incredible husband who has done an amazing job of being Dad, Mom, nursemaid and more. He has served me with such a willing servant’s heart, and I am so thankful for all he has done for me.

• I have two sweet, sweet kids who have been so thoughtful and kind to Mommy as I have been unable to do much of anything for them this week. They have helped me when I needed it with a smile on their faces and without complaining.

• I have an enormous and loving support system of friends and church family who have helped us this week by providing abundant meals each evening, helping to care for the kids, and doing anything else for us that might be needed.

• I was very fortunate with my surgery in that my appendix was not burst or perforated, and the surgeon was able to remove it laproscopically. It could have been so much worse and more complicated.

So even though I have not been in a position to do those things that I am normally used to doing and life has felt a little—no, a lot—out of control, God has reminded me Who is truly in control and has blessed my family and me beyond what we could have even asked under the circumstances.

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Leah in Iowa said...

Oh, wow - comPLETEly not the week you were anticipating! Sounds like you're well on your way to recovery though. Praying you'll be back on your feet and carrying on like normal very soon!

Hugs to you,

- Leah