Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Beauty and the Beast" and Homeschool

One of my favorite parts of homeschool is that I can incorporate the happenings of our life into our schoolwork.  For instance, tonight, we are going to see the Broadway production of "Beauty and the Beast" (can I even tell you how excited I am about this?!?!).  So part of our schedule for school today looks something like this:
  • Read aloud "Beauty and the Beast"
  • Watch clips online of what we can expect of the production
  • Research online and learn about theater etiquette
  • Hannah's handwriting practice: write "Beauty and the Beast", "Belle" and "Gaston" while reviewing the use of capital letters in names and titles
  • Benjamin's writing assignment:  write a paragraph about theater etiquette
  • Beauty and the Beast activity sheets and coloring pages (isn't the Internet a wonderful tool?)
I thank God everyday for calling our family to homeschool, and days like today, where we incorporate "life" into our schoolwork make me all the more thankful.  It's so much fun!!

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