Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Hole in Our Gospel: Day 12

Our challenge today was to read the first two chapters of the book entitled "Same Kind of Different as Me."  This is a book that someone gave to Mark a few years ago, and I tried to read it then--and didn't get very far.  Honestly, I have no idea how hard I tried to get interested in it.  I just remember picking it up off Mark's desk, skimming a few pages, and then putting it down.  Since I am trying to immerse myself in this study in order to learn as much as possible, I was determined to give it another try today.

Mark brought the book home from his office at lunch, so as soon as the lunch dishes were taken care of, I promptly sat down with a cup of hot tea to try again to get interested in this book.  The first thing I learned right off the bat was that this is a true story--I had no idea of that before today.  I began reading, and before I even realized it, I was on Chapter 4--and our challenge was to read chapters one and two!  I guess you can say I'm hooked.

I'm glad to have been encouraged to read this book because it opens up another area of discussion that we don't always like to consider as being "discussion-worthy"--the homeless.  I don't yet know enough about the book to tell you that I've learned much, but I do know that God loves homeless people just as much as He loves me.  I also know He expects me to reach out to them when He prompts me to do so.

I looked at the website for "Same Kind of Different as Me" and came across a FAQ section.  One of the questions and its answer really stood out to me and answers a question that many of us struggle with.  This is what it said:
Question:  "What do I do when a homeless person asks me for money?"
Answer:  "If God puts it on your heart to respond, then give them money, and don't judge them for what they do with it...that's God's job and you will receive the blessing."  (from
Just as with everything we encounter, I believe our job is to be obedient to God's calling on our life.  The results and whatever follows is God's business, not ours.

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Bev said...

Karen, I loved, loved this book! Several members of our family have read it in the past six months and have been deeply moved by it. Don and I serve at our church's Care Center, where we give out food and clothing and the people we see are just a breath away from homelessness - my heart is broken every time I serve there. I'm convinced they will make this book into a movie - it's wonderful!