Friday, August 12, 2011

Home From Kenya

I have now been home from my mission trip to Kenya for 72 hours, and the "re-entry" process is much harder than I imagined!  I spent 12 days fully engrossed in all that was involved with the trip--long travel, painting, constructing, worshipping, loving, crying, rejoicing, bonding, and more--and no where in any of that was laundry, child-rearing, bill-paying, grocery shopping, house cleaning and more!  Throw in jet lag on both ends of the trip along with the stark contrast between life in the US and life in Africa, and whew!  No wonder I'm struggling!

There is so much to tell and so much to process that it is hard for me to even know where to begin in the sharing of this trip.  I haven't even gotten half way through all the stories and pictures with Mark and the kids yet!  But I have to begin somewhere, so here are a few generic thoughts to get us started:

  • As heart-wrenching as it was to say goodbye to my family for 12 days, it was that joyous and more to be reunited with them upon returning to Texas.  I could not get off of that plane fast enough!  (Thank you, God, that my seat was at the front of the plane and not the back!)
  • As heart-wrenching as it was to say goodbye to my family for 12 days, God was so merciful and sufficient in making the time apart more than just bearable.  It truly was okay--for all of us.  A miracle in itself.
  • I never realized how much I would miss a hot bath, paved roads, a drink from Sonic with ICE, Mexican food, and falling into bed without having to arrange a mosquito net around me!
  • I never knew how much of a blessing an upgrade to Business Class or First Class could really be!  For this 6' 1" gal with long legs, it's a huge blessing I was able to enjoy TWICE!!  Grace indeed.
These are things I can type without tears running down my face.  I'm not sure I can say that for the rest of what I have to share.  But that will have to wait another day or two--this day has had enough tears already.

I will share a few random pictures with you, though!

For this mom, it took all of half a second for the children of Kenya to steal my heart.



Once again.

In all things in life, the good and beautiful can be found even in the midst of heartache.  Kenya was no different.

Stay tuned for more!

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MANDIE said...

Love the pictures and can't wait to hear it ALL. I did forget to ask you about sleeping under the net today when we talked..little worried about that...we must talk again soon. Love ya!