Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Organized Simplicity, Week 7 in Review

How did it go in the bathrooms this week?  If there is a room in the house that can attract clutter in the form of half-empty bottles and containers, the bathroom is it!

Some of you have asked questions about homemade cleaners, and I wanted to share a little about this.  I have been trying various homemade cleaner recipes (including laundry detergent) for the last several years, and now there are very few cleaners that I actually buy in the store.  Homemade cleaners are so much cheaper and easier on the budget, as well as being safer since they don't contain all the toxins that many store-bought cleaners do.  My new favorite blog for homemade recipes from cleaners to skin care products is  She always has such good ideas that she tests herself before posting them, from easy homemade gift ideas to various homemade cleaners.  You can go to her blog, and at the top, there is a "Categories" button.  One of her categories is "Homemade Solutions."  If you click on that option, it will bring up a list of all of her blog posts that she has categorized under "Homemade Solutions."  You can scroll through them and see if you find any you would like to try.  I use her all-purpose cleaner, streak-free window cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and one of her laundry detergents and am very happy with them all!

For the comments section this week, share what you found the most of in your bathrooms that needed to go!  Was it too many travel toiletries (my issue!)?  Shampoo you bought on sale and forgot about?  Junk you threw back under the sink for another day that you finally had to deal with??

Okay, are you ready to tackle this week's assignment--your kids' bedrooms?!?  This assignment may be one of the more painful ones, but it's also one where you can see some drastic improvements and progress made once you are completely finish.  It may also be an assignment that is more easily tackled when you can have some time WITHOUT the kids!  It's easier now that my kids are getting older, but when they were smaller, I would wait and clean out their rooms at a time when they were not at home.  That way I was free to throw away what I felt like needed it and could put other things in the give away or sell pile that needed to go. 

If your kids are old enough, involve them in this week's assignment and take time to explain to them why you are doing what you are doing--too much stuff for not enough space, a crazy amount of toys that never see the light of day that could be used by kids who don't have much, excess clutter causes stress, or whatever your situation may be.  If they understand the reasoning behind what you are doing (and that you're not just being a mean mom!), they will be more likely to go along and be helpful.  If you begin teaching them now, before long, they will be voluntarily coming to get a trash bag and cleaning out their room on their own--believe me!  It happens! :)

As a reminder, here is this week's assignment:
  • Read Chapter 13
  • Continue memorizing Matthew 6.19-21
  • Declutter, clean & organize the kids' bedrooms
You can do this!!  Don't get discouraged if you have too many kids' rooms to tackle at once.  Choose the one that needs it most, and then save the others for a few weeks down the road when you are finished with the rest of the house!

Please let me know how you are doing and if there is anything I can do for you (short of coming over and throwing things away for you!).  Many blessings to you for another great, simplified week!

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Nicole H said...

Hey! I'm still behind, catching up from our summer at camp ~ and I'm way out of order, which drives me NUTS, but the kids decided to switch some rooms around and boom, we were thrown into the Kids Bedroom section! Now I have piles collecting for garage sale, and I'm wondering - are we still planning to do that? I'm still up for it! Just wondering when! That will also get me super motivated to get me caught up, I know! I wish I was as far along as I should be, but what I HAVE done is very motivating! Still getting my home management book to my liking, but it's been wonderful in relieving a lot of "back home" stress, and keeping me focused on the IMPORTANT vs the URGENT! Thanks again Karen for all your efforts in keeping us going!