Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Organized Simplicity, Week 9 in Review

We are coming into the home stretch!  (Can you tell I've been watching Olympics for two weeks?)  Tell me:  what was the easiest part about decluttering, cleaning & organizing your master bedroom and closet?  What was the hardest part?  I'm anxious to hear about how it went!  For me, for whatever reason, the master bedroom has never been a clutter-magnet.  But I do know that is one clutter hot spot for some people.

Another question I'd love to hear you comment on is this:  what did you think of the wardrobe guidelines that were included in this week's chapter?  Were they right on?  Totally off base?  Were they helpful?

We have one more week to declutter, clean & organize, and then one week to wrap up everything!  Wow--can you believe you've made it to this point?  I am proud for all the progress you have made and hope you are proud of yourself as well!

As we focus this week on our entry ways and coat closets, I am reminded of a tip I read once that I thought was very insightful.  Since the entry way is the first impression most people get of your home, you want it to look nice, clean, clutter-free and welcoming.  The suggestion was made to walk out your front door, closing it behind you.  Then turn around and walk back through your door with fresh eyes and see what your guests see when they initially come into your house.  Is the view what you would want it to be?  And if not, what kind of changes can you make that would give the impression you want to give when someone first walks into your home from your front door?  Also, can you view another room from your entry hall?  If so, are the visible areas also clean, clutter-free and welcoming?  Maybe those questions can help you this week as you seek to make your entry way a positive first impression.

Our assignment for this week includes:
  • Read Chapter 15
  • Finish memorizing Matthew 6.19-21
  • Declutter, clean & organize entry ways and coat closet
Have a great week, and I'll see some of you Thursday night for our Mom's Night Out!  Mexican food and Mom's Night Out--just can't beat that!! :)

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